Bill Text, Memoranda, Chapter Laws

Bill Text

New York Legislative Service, Inc. can deliver bill text of all current session bills and many from past sessions. The Service is connected to the Legislative Retrieval System (LRS), New York State's on-line data base, which has text of all bills and related information.

A bill may be introduced as a Senate or Assembly bill or as both. When identical bills are introduced in the Senate and Assembly, they are called companion bills. If they are combined as one bill, with both Senate and Assembly bill numbers printed on the text, it is called a unified bill.


As part of its continuous collection of legislative history, New York Legislative Service obtains all memoranda that are available.

Almost all bills have memoranda that are written by the sponsor or sponsoring agency. There is an established format for these memos. Subheadings include: the title, purpose/general idea of the bill, summary of specific provisions, effects of present law which would be altered, the justification, prior legislative history of the bill, fiscal implications, and effective date.

Important memos are also written by various bar associations. In addition, the Governor may write memoranda for bills that are part of his legislative program, and Approval Memoranda or Veto Memoranda for notable legislation upon which he acts.

Each year, New York Legislative Service collects the memos for each new Chapter Law and publishes them in a book called the New York State Legislative Annual. When conducting historical research of New York State law, there is no other reference book like it. The Annual is especially known for its extensive footnoting.

Chapter Laws

Once a bill passes both the Senate and Assembly, it is sent to the Governor for signature. He may sign it into law or veto it. After it is signed, it is given what is called a Chapter Number. Each year the Chapters begin at number 1 and continue as high as necessary. In an average year, there are about 700 new Chapter Laws.

The Chapter Law Service provided by New York Legislative Service, Inc. sends you a stamped copy of each Chapter Law soon after signature and release by the governor.