CITY REGS Newsletter

CITY REGS is a bi-weekly newsletter digesting each newly proposed or adopted New York City regulation.

Every weekday New York City publishes the City Record, a tabloid-size official newspaper, the back pages of which report in small type, the newest proposed and final regulations from any one of a hundred different City agencies. You are given only 30 days to file comments. Once published and placed in the official compilation of regulations, the proposal becomes law.

Reading the City Record every day is a chore. It is easy to miss proposals. CITY REGS gives you the information you need to keep up. It digests the proposed regulation, reports due dates for written and oral comments, and lists the agency contacts and their telephone numbers. In one quick read every two weeks, you know enough about the proposal to act and advise your clients and colleagues.

CITY REGS is prepared and distributed by the Center for New York City Law at New York Law School and by New York Legislative Service, Inc. It is published every two weeks throughout the year and sent via fax or e-mail. The one year subscription rate is $190.

FREE TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION: Send your name and fax number and we will send you two months at no charge. If you decide not to subscribe after 2 months you will be dropped automatically. Or, subscribe now and we will add 2 months onto your 1 year subscription.