Welcome to New York Legislative Service, Inc.

New York Legislative Service, Inc. is the only research group which is exclusively focused on the legislative history and current legislation of New York State and New York City. Because we have a highly specialized library with the most complete set of legislative histories in the State (also known as Governor's Bill Jackets and NYC Local Law Bill Jackets), and work with government offices daily, we have an immense source of information. Whenever possible, Bill Jackets are supplemented with other reports and memos, debate transcripts, hearing transcripts, and newsclippings. We are also the only source of compiled Constitutional histories for New York State.

Need a legislative history for a law passed in the last year? We compile our own histories for recently passed laws, since the Governor's office generally releases his Bill Jackets about a year after signing.

NYLS is the publisher of the New York State Legislative Annual and the New York City Legislative Annual, the only published references on legislative intent.

All requests are considered a rush, without a rush fee! In most cases, delivery is same day via email, FTP, or fax.

NYLS was established as a not-for-profit membership corporation in 1932. We do not receive any tax dollars or grants, so our fees are carefully structured to cover our annual operating expenses. You get experts to do your work at cost!