Local Laws & Intros for New York City

Local Laws are enacted by the City Council in New York City. On average, there are about 70 new Local Laws each year. The City Council seems most concerned with renaming streets, but sometimes they do something that really gets attention such as Local Law #47 of 2002, the Smoke-free Air Act, which prohibits smoking in public places.

"Intro" is the name for a city legislative bill. They are numbered starting with number 1, beginning with each new session, which may be for 2 or 4 years, depending on when elections occur.

We can supply copies of Intros, Local Laws, Committee Reports (comparable to the Sponsor’s Memo on the State level) and Local Law Bill Jackets.

Local Law Bill Jackets are the "history" of a local law: related material put in a folder by the Mayor and the City Council. They can be difficult to obtain from public sources, so we have assembled a huge collection in our offices for faster access.

Each year we collect the text of all new Local Laws and supporting memoranda and put them into a great research reference book called the New York City Legislative Annual.