New York State Legislative Annual

The New York State Legislative Annual is a compendium of sponsor's memoranda, departmental memos and Governor's memoranda for all bills signed into law in a given year. It also includes Governor's Veto and Approval messages, and passed Constitutional amendment memoranda. These memoranda are extensively footnoted and indexed by our editors. Published since 1946, each hardcover volume becomes a permanent reference book. For the time being, nearly complete sets may be purchased for your library at a huge discount. It is so handy to have this information at your fingertips!

The Annuals can be found in Law School and court libraries all over the country and many public libraries in New York State.

Each book averages 650 pages and is indexed four ways. The ISSN number is 0197-3983. It may be ordered directly from us or through library services such as EBSCO. Discounts are given to not-for-profit entities, but are available only by ordering directly from us, however. Sets and replacement volumes may be purchased at substantial savings at (800) 422-6686.