What are the Benefits of being a State Member?

The really great thing about being a member of New York Legislative Service, Inc. is that you can call as often as you want to with research requests or questions. A researcher will speak with you immediately and members do not incur research time charges. It's like having another employee for $125 a month (even less for not-for-profit organizations)! When it comes to legislative intent and current legislation, we can do it faster and better than anyone!

The New York State Report is also part of your membership (about 25 issues per year). This is our newsletter filled with information on important legislation, categorized synopses of every bill introduced and every bill signed into law.

Why pay for membership with New York Legislative Service, Inc.?

The main reason for becoming a member of any organization is because you support its purpose, goals and activities. Without the financial support of our members, who contribute with an annual membership, we would not be here. It’s that simple. For any major firm or corporation, our membership fee is a very modest cost which helps to assure that we will continue to be around to lend our expert services to them.

You may not have realized that New York Legislative Service is a not-for-profit membership corporation; NOT a government subsidized office. It is completely self-supporting. This means that we receive no tax dollars, grants or endowment funds.

While the trend has been to downsize law libraries, we have been enlarging our library with rare books and difficult to find documents. The only research specialists on New York legislative intent in the country are trained and employed at New York Legislative Service, Inc. And our library for materials on legislative intent is incomparable.

Some of the benefits of membership:

  • No time charges for expert research. Call anytime and not worry about running up the clock.
  • Substantial discounts (25 – 60%) for document retrieval and our proprietary compilations
  • Receive our State Reports and/or the City Reports: concise reporting on current legislation and new laws.
  • Personalized bill tracking
  • Email alerts on important legislation
  • Email notification for all bills introduced affecting any statute(s), tailor made to your needs
  • Free bill text & memos from the current session