Weekly Topical Bill Service

Would you like to see every bill introduced on a certain topic, say, Insurance Law? We can pull them out of the approximately 10,000 bills introduced every year and mail them to you on a daily basis.

Here are the categories and pricing:
¨ Every bill introduced in the Senate and Assembly: $1,575. ¨ Schedule A topics: $1,750. Choose as many topics as desired from Schedules A, B and C: Education, Environment, Municipalities, New York City, Real Property, Taxation ¨ Schedule B topics: $1,640. Choose as many topics as desired from Schedules B and C: Alcoholic Beverages, Banking, Civil Practice, Consumers, Crime, Domestic Relations, Elections, Firemen, Foods, Health, Insurance, Judiciary, Labor, Motor Vehicles, Police, Public Utilities, Retirement, Social Services. ¨ Schedule C topics: $600. Choose as many topics as desired from below, all for $600! Accountants, Advertising-Publishing, Animals, Aviation, Budget Bills, Cemeteries, corporations, Engineers & Architects, Firearms, Gambling-Racing, Gas & Electricity, Hotels-Motels, Human Rights, Indians, Military, Oil, Public Authorities, Railroads, Telephone & Telegraph, Theaters, Tobacco, Water, Workers Compensation.

An alternative way of keeping tabs on legislation is to see our topical categorization of bills in our State Reports. (see State Report link at left) Every bill introduction is sorted into categories by statute and summarized. These summaries can also be emailed to anyone in your firm who wishes to receive them. Beyond that, we can track any bills that interest you, with our computerized tracking system.